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This library can be used for custom integration projects where the standard BoxCast embedded player may not suffice.

We do strongly encourage you to use the standard embedded player instead of this library where possible, because it is the most robust and well-tested playback option.

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Getting Started

<script src=""></script>
  var analytics =;
  var api = BoxCastSDK.api;

or, install via NPM

# First, install the SDK from NPM
npm install boxcast-sdk-js --save

# Then, in your javascript project:
var { analytics, api } = require('boxcast-sdk-js');

You will need to know your BoxCast account ID and corresponding channel IDs in order to properly utilize this library. Contact BoxCast developer support if you need assistance.

Example - video.js video playback

Run example video.js player with BoxCast SDK for JavaScript

Example - JWPlayer video playback

Run example JWPlayer with BoxCast SDK for JavaScript